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Workshops and Events > Past Workshops and Activities Ayutthaya IV: Be-Inspired Workshop Series

Organised annually by ISEAA, the Be-inspired Week 2022 consists of workshops focusing on the topic of Ayutthaya;its history, geography, culture, artistic practice and spirit. In collaboration with Kansadaeng Watthanatham Co., the workshops are designed for the students to learn about the rich culture of Ayutthaya, iconic in the history of Thailand.

Over a period of 3 days, principals from Kansadaeng Watthanatham Co. conducted a series of traditional Thai art workshops in relation to the Khon, a Thai traditional dance-drama genre. Students were divided into different sessions. Drawing and painting for the Khon Backdrop, Dance and Movement for the Khon performance, as well as Thai Music (Phipat) to accompany the performance.

As the students explore and research deeper into aspects of Ayutthaya, they are meant to draw creative stimuli from the contents presented to them and develop new ideas through multidisciplinary approaches.