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Workshops and Events > Past Workshops and Activities Weaving the Ocean - Ari Bayuaji Workshop

In conjunction with a solo exhibition by Indonesian Artist Ari Bayuaji held at the Lim Hak Tai Gallery, the artist and the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts arranged a workshop with students from NAFA's BA Design Practice Programme. 

Entitled ' Weaving the Ocean', the workshop based on the exhibition with the same name began with the artist leading an exhibition walkthrough; where the artist also shared about his personal experience of working with his chosen issue of waste management relating to natural ecology; and how it kickstarted the long-term project.

The session continued with a live demonstration of how the artist and his team of local Balinese artisans transforms and processes raw materials (discarded plastic fishing ropes) into threads for woven textile works of art. Further, the workshop also includes a discussion on the process behind building an assemblage, and intentional narrative building in artmaking.

The workshop ends with the student participants divided into smaller groups to discuss, identify, and find a proposed solution to their own sustainability issue of choice. They were encouraged to start small, from the bottom-up, and perhaps find issues apparent in their immediate surrounding. A sharing session of their group findings concluded the workshop.