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Workshops and Events > Past Workshops and Activities White Space: Lines at the Door – General Studies

White Space: Lines at the Door is an exhibition which encourages collaboration, experimentation and discussion of new ideas. Three leading Southeast Asian artists - Milenko Pvarčki (Singapore), Ivan Lam (Malaysia) and Supachai Areerungruang (Thailand) come together to share their practice and research processes in drawing, a medium that offers immediacy and acts in this exhibition as a carrier of ideas through the stages of artistic creation and finalisation.

In conjunction with this exhibition, the General Studies module invites the students to explore the process of looking, notating and processing through the creative process of these three Southeast Asian artists. During the conversations with these artists, students were guided to understand the work of the hands and the medium of creation (the pencil for example) which highlights its relevant role as a disciplinary form, as well as a fundamental skill that belongs to the rubrics of art education.