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Belinda Mulyani Soetantio (1993 – )

Born in 1993, Indonesian artist Belinda Mulyani Soetantio completed her high school education studying science in Indonesia. After graduating, she moved to Singapore to study at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and obtained her Diploma in 3D (Object Design) in 2014.

In 2013, following the impressive work she produced for a sculpture conceptual workshop with Italian sculptor Anna Chiara Spellini, Soetantio was selected to participate in a bronze casting field trip to the Verona Bronze Foundry in Italy. Working with Spellini and local artisans, Soetantio was able to develop her design and fine art skills and hone her craftsmanship.

Since graduation, the designer has held various design positions at several firms, including Integra Indocabinet, a highly regarded company in Indonesia and the industry. In 2017, she founded LaFrom Studio in her hometown, Surabaya. She has also been appointed as Design Assistant at Desinere, Singapore.