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Resources > Collections > Artist Chiew Sien Kuan 赵善君

Chiew Sien Kuan (b. 1965 - )

Chiew Sien Kuan is a Singaporean artist known for his intricate sculptural works. He studied at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1986 before enrolling at the University of Tasmania, Australia, where he obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1994 and Master of Fine Art & Design in 2006. He later received a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education from the Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education, Singapore, in 2008.

Chiew has been an educator at NAFA since 1995. In his creative practice, he draws inspiration from contemporary issues like environmentalism, urbanisation, and the rapid growth of technology. Over the last decade, he has been actively involved in many public art programmes and workshops. Aside from his work as an artist, he also works as an art consultant and advisor, where he participated in projects like the SG50 Celebration Wall Mural Painting in 2015 and Youth Olympic Village Art Installation in 2010.

Chiew is a recipient of the Highly Recommended Prize in the 1992 Australian Bicentennial Art Award of the Young Artists (Painting) and the Merit Award at the 1990 IBM Art Award. He also won first prize at the Philippe Charriol Foundation Contemporary Art Competition (Sculpture) in 1993. In 2009, he received the accolade of Highly Commended Works under the 4th City Developments Limited Singapore Sculpture Award.