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Resources > Collections > Artist Goh Siew Guan 吴瑞源

Goh Siew Guan (1942 - )

Born in 1942 in Sarawak, Goh Siew Guan was an art educator at various institutions in Singapore who dedicated 33 years to nurturing students and cultivating their interests in art. Since his retirement in 1988, he continues to pursue his passion by actively participating in group exhibitions both in Singapore and abroad and has picked up several awards, such as the prestigious UOB Painting of the Year Award and Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award. Goh specialises in watercolour and enjoys painting landscapes, trees and rocks. A master in the medium, his brush control and technique presents a view of nature that is both intriguing and invigorating. Goh often travels around the world to experience nature in different settings and seek inspiration. A nature-lover, his works often convey his love for mother earth.