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Resources > Collections > Artist Khor Ean Ghee 许延义

Khor Ean Ghee (1934 - )

Watercolourist, Khor Ean Ghee is perhaps most known for his iconic dragon playgrounds, a fond memory for many born in Singapore in the 1970s. Born in 1934 in Penang, Malaysia, Khor trained at a young age under artist Khaw Sia. In 1954, he exhibited his watercolour paintings for the first time in an exhibition in England, and two years later, held his first solo exhibition in Penang. Khor later pursued his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. After graduating in 1961, Khor returned to his hometown to teach art at his alma mater, Chung Ling High School. At the same time, he also taught evening classes at M.B.S. Penang. In 1964, he left to study at the School of Architecture in North London University, graduating in 1968 with a Diploma in Interior Design. Thereafter, he moved to Singapore and joined the Housing Development Board and became the man who conceptualised multiple unique playgrounds showcasing the local culture.

While in Singapore, Khor met a group of watercolourists and founded the Singapore Watercolour Society in 1969, which he led on three separate occasions. After leaving public service in 1984, Khor went on to hold positions on several boards, such as the Federation of Art Societies and British Institute of Interior Design, and later worked at LASELLE College of the Arts until his retirement in 1997. Throughout his career, Khor never let his art take a backseat and would actively participate in exhibitions, holding a few of his own while juggling his day job. To date, he has held over seven solo exhibitions and has been awarded several awards, including the Gold Medal of Excellence from Jiangsu Watercolour Research Institute in China in 2007.