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Koh Liang Jiang (1993 - )

Born in 1993, Koh Liang Jiang is a multi-disciplinary artist and digital illustrator well-versed in ink drawings and illustrations. His works, immensely meticulous and textured, feature local subject matters in the realm of fantasy. Such intentional aesthetic choices stem from his enthusiasm towards modern science fiction and ancient mythologies. Beyond his interests in fiction and fantasy, Koh’s works also harp on social and environmental concerns of the 21st century. Many also laud Koh’s proficiency in depicting architectural structures and fauna.

Koh was trained at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art (Western Painting) in 2014. Koh actively participates in ground exhibitions in Singapore. In 2016, he held his first solo exhibition, Abiogenesis: Before and After Singapore, at Merlin Gallery, Singapore.