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Resources > Collections > Artist Lim Kang Kee 林江奇

Lim Kang Kee (1943 - )

Lim Kang Kee was born in 1943 in a small village in Singapore. Lim showed great interest in art at a young age and was always eager to learn more. Encouraged by his cousin, the young Lim enrolled to study at the now defunct Singapore Academy of Art helmed by renowned artist Sun Yee and trained separately with pioneer artist Liu Kang. Both trained in Western painting, Lim’s teachers had significant influence on his art style. The artist mainly depicts still life, landscape, street scenes and occasionally human figures in watercolour and oil, and his paintings mirror the care and detail shown in his tutors’ works.  

Lim himself later became an art educator to many students, teaching both privately in his studio as well as in community centres. In 1995, he received a People’s Association Long Service Award for 25 years of his service and dedication to nurturing students in their pursuit of art as a Continuing Education Activity Instructor. Besides contributing to art education, the artist also actively participates in group exhibitions and in 2011 held his 5th solo exhibition at the Musa Abode Art Gallery. A life member of several art organisations, such as the Society of Chinese Artists and Singapore Art Society and Singapore Watercolour Society, today, the artist continues to practise art, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with eager minds.