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Liza Markus (1995 -)

With figurines covered in melted wax and an installation made of rattan screens and CCTV cameras shaped like a confession room, Indonesian artist Liza Markus (b. 1995) uses vastly different materials to examine Christian and Catholic rituals and religious masochism. Although trained as a sculptor, Markus explores other art forms such as installation, writing, and textile art. Similar to her artworks, her research indicates her penchant for religion and personal narratives.

Initially a Kolintang Percussionist in the Indonesian National Orchestra, Markus enrolled at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, in 2014 and graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art (Sculpture) with Distinction in 2017. She was awarded the Best Graduate Award for her cohort in addition to winning the First Prize of the Woon Tai Jee Art Prize for her outstanding final-year project.

Since graduation, Markus has remained active in the arts industry. Her works have been featured in group exhibitions such as Italy’s Dolomites 27th Snow Sculpture Festival, the 3rd Taiwan International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition in 2017, and Urban Expeditions, which the Sculpture Society Singapore organised in 2019. In addition, she has contributed on a curatorial level to several projects both locally and abroad. In 2021, Markus was appointed Gallery Manager at the Gajah Gallery’s Indonesian Branch in Jakarta.