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Resources > Collections > Artwork 2241

Year of execution:  2009
Year of acquisition:  2005
Medium:   Resin, Raku clay and metal parts
Dimension:  23 x 24.5 x 37  cm
Acquired in 2005

Chin Hwee Khim is a multidisciplinary artist who works in various mediums, including sculpture, printmaking, painting, drawing, and photography. She often combines different art forms in new and unusual ways to allow new ways of seeing things. Trained as a printmaker and childhood educator, she teaches art to young children. She strives to nurture their capacity to question and develop a curiosity for things around them through play and observation.

2241 is a mixed-media sculpture that combines a variety of materials such as raku clay, plastic chains, metal fittings and resin. This piece was created after her experimental “Hydrant” series of prints, where she deconstructed the figurative form of a fire hydrant and screen-printed them on metallic surfaces. In the creation of 2241, a hybrid form was conceptualised first in drawing, then materialised as a sculptural work. The figurative form of 2241 suggests movement, appearing to interact and distort with the environment, becoming ‘alive’ in a sense. Its chains, a retaining feature of fire hydrants, hint at the connection between man and his tools. Stencilled discreetly on the work is the namesake of the work. It offers a clue to the location in reference to its district code, where the physical hydrant was inspired, ready to save lives when needed, the silent hero that the world passes by, barely noticing its presence.


Chin Hwee Khim