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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Peculiar Moments: Works from the NAFA Collection

Featuring works from the NAFA permanent collection, this exhibition showcased a selection of artists who imbued both conventional and modern genres with obscured and familiar narratives. A total of 45 works by NAFA alumni and artist luminaries such as Chng Chin Kang, Chin Hwee Khim, Ezzam Rahman, Tan Kian Por, Chng Seok Tin, Chen Shi Fa and Wang Xi Jing were on show. In conjunction with the exhibition, a forum-style discussion “Is painting REALLY dead?” was organised on 2 November 2012. With visual artist Justin Loke of independent art collective Vertical Submarine as the moderator for the dialogue, Boo Sze Yang, Hong Sek Chern, Ian Woo and Milenko Prvacki came together to continue the debate of this provocative question as practicing painters in Singapore.


Boo Sze Yang 巫思远
Cheng Shifa 程十发
Chin Hwee Khim
Chng Chin Kang
Chng Seok Tin 莊心珍
Ezzam Rahman
Hong Sek Chern
Ian Woo
Milenko Prvacki
Tan Kian Por 陈建坡
Wang Xi Jing 王西京