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Resources > Collections > Artwork Untitled (Green)

Year of execution:  2011
Year of acquisition:  2011
Medium:   Silkscreen on paper cuts
Dimension:  52 x 50  cm
Gift of the artist

Specialising in printmaking, Miguel Chew is an artist who excels in exploring both the traditional and modern in his methods and choice of materials. His body of work also merges the practice of fine art and design, which offers a unique contemporary and multidisciplinary perspective on timeless subjects. After training in printmaking at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts Singapore, Chew pursued his studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. He continues to teach at the Academy and aims to raise a new generation of printmakers in Singapore who would challenge existing discourses and establish new grounds in printmaking and contemporary practices. 

In the silkscreen-on-paper cut series Untitled, Chew uses an inanimate object as a visual starting point. Whilst disregarding the object’s image, function, and purpose, the work challenges the viewer’s perceptions of the identification of objects. Here, Chew expresses his idea by creating various abstract forms combined with traditional silkscreen printing and paper-cutting methods.


Miguel Chew