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Resources > Publications Han Sai Por: modern sculpture

Published in 2013
ISBN: 987-981-07-7076-1

This publication conveys the thoughts behind the enduring creations by Han Sai Por, who is considered one of Singapore's most respected living sculptors. In recognition of her artistic excellence and significant contributions to the field of visual arts in Singapore, Han Sai Por was accorded the Cultural Medallion in 1995. As an artist who specialises in sculpture work, she is equally adept in painting and drawing. Over the decades, she has continued to define her art with materials as diverse as wood, glass, stone and marble. 

In celebration of her artistic achievements, Han Sai Por was conferred the Distinguished Alumni Award by NAFA in 2011. This publication is not only a documentation of her public sculpture projects in various parts of the world that enable us to appreciate the raison d’être of her work, but also a deeper reflection on the consequences of environmental change alongside the evolution of mankind.