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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Vision and Verity: works in bronze and marble by Anna Chiara Spellini

Both bronze and marble are ancient mediums that have spun the globe over thousands of years. From the Graeco-Roman, Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian civilizations, bronze is a spiritual medium that has captivated makers, users and collectors alike. Marble by comparison, has an equally rich history, imbued with the texture and energies of the earth in its natural formations. Artists have perfected techniques and expressions for their ideas over centuries, and the artworks that emerge testify to the challenges of refining such mediums in pursuit of living art. This exhibition demonstrated such complex narratives through the works of the artist Anna Chiara Spellini, whose practice maintains the intuitive, labour intensive traditions of making sculpture in bronze and in marble. Featuring over 40 works in both mediums, the galleries will also hosted a full scale reproduction of a vintage car in bronze, each part, individual shaped, cast and assembled by hand.


Anna Chiara Spellini