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Resources > Publications Vision & Verity: works in bronze and marble by Anna Chiara Spellini

Published in 2013
ISBN: 978-981-07-4980-4

This publication features over 50 works in bronze and marble by world-renowned artist Anna Chiara Spellini. It is published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title and is kindly sponsored by United Overseas Bank Limited. 

Born in 1945, Anna Chiara Spellini began her artistic endeavours with her parents’ encouragement and influence. Her first level of education was in agriculture, a subject in which she obtained a doctorate and contributed to developing her family farm for many years. The richness of her life experiences also shaped her perspective and developments. Her sculpture tells many stories and demonstrates the complexity of materials such as marble and bronze, as well as natural forms of figures, torsos and busts.

In 2012, the artist was invited by ISEAA to conduct a three-day sculpting workshop for 11 students from Fine Art and 3D Design