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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Journal of Sembawang: drawings by Tang Da Wu (Window display)

This selected display of drawings by Singaporean contemporary artist, Tang Da Wu is an extension of the Sembagraphie exhibition showcased at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, The Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries 1 & 2 in October 2019. Presented by the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts and Art Galleries, Sembagraphie was the second part of Tang Da Wu’s double-bill project. Both exhibitions reflected Singapore’s unique heritage and geographical location of Sembawang. Located in the north of Singapore, Sembawang is known for its natural landscape and rich historical and colonial narratives. These sources of inspiration are very much a part of Da Wu’s artistic practice. In 1988, at Lorong Gambas in Sembawang, Da Wu also established The Artists Village (TAV) which marked a new chapter in the history of art in Singapore. Journal of Sembawang: Drawings by Tang Da Wu is a selection of watercolour and ink drawings on paper executed in the 80s and 90s. The featured series of works SembaRain, Middle Water, The Beach and All About Gambas illustrates Da Wu’s personal experiences, observations and interpretation of this local landscape.


Tang Da Wu 唐大雾