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Nyan Soe (1987 - )

Nyan Soe is an artmaker who is well-versed in a vast array of mediums. Born in 1987 in Myanmar, Nyan Soe holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Chemistry from the University of East Yangon, Myanmar. While studying, Nyan Soe also took an interest in the arts. In 2010, he enrolled at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). His outstanding academic performance gained him two scholarships during his time at the academy. In his second year, he was awarded the Tan Chay Bing Scholarship and the NAFA Scholarship (Diploma) in his final year. He graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art (Sculpture) in 2013.

Although he majored in Sculpture, Nyan Soe also employed Chinese seal carving and ink in his artworks. The multi-talented artist often draws inspiration from his experiences with migration and his relation to the world. Since graduation, he has participated actively in group exhibitions, such as Art Stage Singapore in 2013 and the Taiwan International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition in 2015. Additionally, his works have been commissioned by various institutions, from land developers to commercial organisations. Nyan Soe is currently a visual art technician at SOTA.