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Year of execution:  2002-2004
Year of acquisition:  2013
Medium:   Pink Marble (Rosa Portugual)
Dimension:  98 x 33 x 28 cm  cm
Acquired in 2013

“I want to speak to people about emotions through my art. It is paramount that my sculptures portray the subjects’ inner spirit through the eyes, and facial and body expressions.” – Anna Chiara Spellini

Renowned for her emotive figurative forms in traditional bronze and marble sculpture, Italian-born Anna Chiara Spellini was influenced by her sculptor father and painter mother and her exposure to arts and culture at a young age. Even though Spellini specialised in agriculture for her education, she was inspired by her heritage and origins of her craft to become a sculptor. Spellini conceptualises through themes of history, emotions and love that she has experienced. Coupled with her deft traditional craftmanship skills, Spellini creates representational and abstract sculpture that exudes the reflective emotion and beauty in forms seen in her body of her work.

Inspired by the environment, nature and people during her sojourns to Singapore and other parts of Asia in the 1990s, she began to explore with geometric abstract lines and forms of plants, animals and figures. Paris, carved from pink marble, conveys the essence and a sense of simplicity of the female torso. The movement in line and form of the torso articulates characteristics of sensual movement with the use of drapery and posture, inviting viewers to interpret and re-imagine physical expressions. Paris, was showcased at the Vision and Verity: works in bronze and marble exhibition at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2013.


Anna Chiara Spellini