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Resources > Collections > Artwork Tranquility, China

Year of execution:  2008
Year of acquisition:  2010
Medium:   Acrylic on canvas
Dimension:  60 x 60  cm
Gift of the artist

Singaporean artist Ang Ah Tee is an alumnus of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts who was mentored by pioneer artists Cheong Soo Pieng and Georgette Chen. In 1976, Ang embarked on an expedition to Bali, Indonesia—a trip that ignited his lifelong passion for travelling. The following year, Ang pursued artmaking as a full-time career in 1977. Since then, Ang has visited new places for his art and learned about their cultures and histories. These explorations led him to produce his extensive collection of works. 

Trained in various Western mediums, Ang was most skilful in drawing and painting. He sketches during his travels and is exceptionally fond of vast landscapes and cultural sites. This artwork depicts a wooden boat in a river against the background of traditional Chinese buildings. Ang produces subtly visible lines by painting with acrylic paint and using a palette knife, creating an aesthetic similar to a charcoal drawing or sketch. Adding minute details, such as the figures standing on the balcony on the left side of the painting, Ang breathes life and vibrancy into a quaint depiction of a site in China.


Ang Ah Tee 洪亚弟