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Resources > Publications A Study in Southeast Asian Artworks: artworks from a private collection

Published in 2018
ISBN: 978-981-11-6311-1

This exhibition catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition titled A Study in Southeast Asian Artworks. It brings together a selection of 30 works by artists such as Affandi, Chua Ek Kay, Hendra Gunawan, I Nyoman Masriadi, Liu Kang, Ong Kim Seng, Prasong Luemuang, and Tran Van Ha, among others, which illustrate the richness and depth of art practices.

An introductory essay by Dr Bridget Tracy Tan, Director of ISEAA and Art Galleries, delves into ways of looking at art objects and considering art historical legacies in relation to modern and contemporary life to facilitates a communal understanding of artmaking processes in Singapore and the region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Korea.