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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Laughing Matter

Conceptualised and handpicked by Justin Loke, Ex-assistant Curator of the Gallery department, the exhibition featured 6 artists – Boo Sze Yang, Cheng Yi-Cheng, Cheo Chai Hiang, Chua Aik Boon, Lim Soo Ngee and Joshua Yang, all who feel laughter is serious business.

The tongue in cheek jabs at the state of the human condition and interplay of the obvious but unsaid, Laughing Matter puts to test, the audience’s sensitivity to sublimal messages put across by each artist, creating its own dialogue in its quirky way.


Boo Sze Yang 巫思远
Cheng Yi Cheng
Cheo Chai Hiang
Chua Aik Boon
Joshua Yang
Lim Soo Ngee 林序毅