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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Sembagraphie: Tang Da Wu

Located in the northern terrain of Singapore, Sembawang is known for its natural landscape and rich historical and colonial narratives. Throughout his artistic practice, eminent local artist and teacher Tang Da Wu draws on these sources of inspiration and resources. At Sembawang, he also founded a contemporary art group, The Artists Village (TAV), in the late 1980s which marked a new chapter in the art history of Singapore. This exhibition double bill by Da Wu comprised of Sembawang: The D. D. Land and Sembagraphie. Sembagraphie, showcased the artist’s journal of Sembawang, where his drawings and installations illustrate his personal experiences and observations of this unique landscape. This second exhibition was accompanied by a performance titled 'Stitchen Stitch', inspired by Couverture, a quilt by one of the first female modernist artists, Sonia Terk Delaunay. The performance exemplified the world we live in where people are continually grouping and ungrouping—some groups might have more power than others; while other groups may also segregate.


Tang Da Wu 唐大雾