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Anna Chiara Spellini (1945 - )

Anna Chiara Spellini was born in 1945 in Lombardy, Italy. Under the influence of her father and mother, a sculptor and painter, respectively, Spellini discovered and developed her artistic talents early on in life. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona in Italy and has become reputed for her portrait figurative works in bronze and marble. She also received a doctorate in agriculture and has worked on her family farm for many years.

Elegant in form, Spellini’s works often reflect her keen observations and sensitivity to human figures, movements and expressions. Her foray into abstract and semi-abstract figures often recalls geometric representations of fauna and flora. Inspired by her regular travels to Asia, Spellini finds creativity and imagination in the people and environments within the region. Her acute sense of the world and her intuitive grasp of emotions enable her to create works familiar to her audience. Spellini often works for collectors and permanent exhibitions or displays through private and exclusive commissions. Her large-scale installations can be found in UOB Plaza in Shanghai and Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. In 2021, Spellini designed the 40th UOB Painting of the Year trophy.