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Resources > Collections > Artwork Many Happiness and Longevity

Year of execution:  2018
Year of acquisition:  2018
Medium:   Chinese ink and colour on rice paper
Dimension:  69 x 138  cm
Gift of the artist

Hong Sek Chern is best known for her architectural paintings of buildings and structures. Using Chinese ink as her medium of choice, she explores linear, non-linear and multi-point perspectives of urban landscapes. Known for her ink paintings depicting interior and exterior spaces of local architecture, Hong juxtaposes urban structures across different times and distances to explore notions of the old and new. 

Many Happiness and Longevity was created onstage during NAFA’s first-ever full-scale operetta, Die Fledermaus: The Revenge of the Bat, as part of the academy’s 80th anniversary celebration in 2018. This ink painting was created alongside NAFA Chinese Chamber Ensemble’s commissioned performance. 


Hong Sek Chern