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Workshops and Events > Past Workshops and Activities ISEAA In-Curricula Academic Collaboration - Traditional Thai Dance and Dance Movements

Over 15 weeks, 20 Year 3 students from the Dance Programme attended weekly traditional Thai dance classes conducted by Dr Paphutsorn Wongratanapitak from Kansadaeng Watthanaram, Thailand, learning traditional dance movements from Ramwong Mattathan (Thai Circle Dance) and their application in Classical Thai dance. Together with a Singapore-based classical Thai dancer from Thai Dance Society (Singapore), Ms Naree Sawong, Dr Wongratanapitak was able to teach students virtually while Ms Sawong was assisting onsite at the studio.  

Students practiced and familiarised themselves with movements from Ramwong Mattathan for 7 weeks before applying them to the classical Thai dance of Ton Worachet the following 7 weeks. Ton Worachet, originally known as 'Ton Portuguese', had its melodies composed during the Ayutthaya era and was inspired by the Portuguese who arrived at the Kingdom of Ayutthaya at that time. It represents the culture of Central Thailand and demonstrates the diversity of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya.