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Workshops and Events > Past Workshops and Activities Southeast Asian Arts Forum 2021: Schoolhouse Mavericks

The Southeast Asian Arts Forum returned for a second edition this year. This event was ISEAA’s first-ever hybrid forum to include livestreamed presentations, performances and dialogues to inspire a practice-led teaching and learning of Southeast Asian arts. 

The hybrid event presented a platform of thinking back to smaller hothousing and finding new ways to communicate and consume ideas through the arts. This year's programme included 32 speakers from across multiple artistic disciplines, some of whom were presenting live from NAFA while some others streamed in from 8 different cities. Collectively, they facilitated an exchange of knowledge from the community to the classroom and vice versa.

These practicing Southeast Asian artists and educators brought to the Forum what is current, what is urgent and what could be a future alternative following the current state of transitions in the recent pandemic and its related developments.