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Workshops and Events > Past Workshops and Activities Southeast Asian Arts Forum 2022 - IMPERISHABLE: Sustainability.Arts.Together

Now in its third edition, the Southeast Asian Arts Forum 2022 continues to highlight Singapore, and NAFA in particular as a positive force in the field of creative arts research and education in the region in the region of Southeast Asia. Artists, researchers, and creative professionals from around Southeast Asia  took part in the Forum both in person and virtually, to share their experiences of working on long term, community-based projects.

Held over a period of two days, the Forum consists of presentations and a panel discussion which focuses on the concept of sustainability; especially some of the ways where art can be at the heart of sustainable practices in Southeast Asia and contribute to building responsible global citizenship. Some of the themes discussed include creative practices which focuses on developing awareness on social and environmental issues, cultural heritage preservation, resource management and accessibility in creative production, and practices which are deliberate in maintaining ecological and social integrity.

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