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Resources > Publications Angkor Wat

Published in 2017
ISBN: 978-981-11-2770-0

Angkor Wat is the first iteration of an academy-wide project and exhibition jointly managed and nurtured by the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts (ISEAA) and the academic schools in NAFA. This publication comprises works of fashion, architectural models, illustrations and mixed media installations produced by four teams of students who had embarked on a field trip to Angkor in northwestern Cambodia as a primary source of inspiration in November 2016.

Documenting the creative output from the unique collaboration that involved over 120 students and lecturers, which saw the UNESCO site of Angkor Wat being placed on an unprecedented scale as subject matter and creative stimulus, the manifestation of the programming was critically integrated into the curriculum and modules to expand the academic investigations of conventional disciplines into the realm of Southeast Asian art and art history.